Monday, May 21, 2012

Drug Dogs Help Seize Bail Money

Radley Balko reports on what seems to be a scam in Wisconsin where police are seizing bail money. They have a drug dog alert on the money. Declare it "drug money", and seize it using asset forfeiture laws.

Once again, hat tip to The Agitator blog for a good story.


At 9:15 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Henchman Of Justice" says,

4 months to get back the money that paperwork could prove in the same day the money was stolen for short term interest income sitting in a government checking account.

HOJ is reminded of the California Franchise Tax Board's ruse of a scheme it plays on sellers of residences - if ya made one penny profit on the sale, the State Of California made a law (HOJ will never follow) that requires at closing that a certain % of sales transaction price go to a State Holding account for a minimum of one year.

This is HOW BAD THE HOUSING MARKET HAS BECOME WHEN A STATE LAUNDERS THE WEALTH OF OTHERS FOR SHORT TERM INTEREST INCOME. Afterall, when any state does this to millions of people, that interest income becomes a boatload of cash that the state generated by stealing other peoples money over a certain time-frame period.

As for Wisconsin, just more PROOF of the POLICE STATE in AMERICA that is leading to DEFAULT socially and economically.

Lastly, yet another example of COPPER TOPPERS as to why people like HOJ disfavor so many police minions. Peace Officers are way cool and HOJ knows a few of these cool public employees, but alas, HOJ has experience in identifying the corrupt law enforcers in this community AND will call them out by name without fear. Why? These corrupt copper toppers deserve the pain tenfold for the damages and injuries they propagate upon the community.....and to think elected officials are taking money for campaign finances from some of these corrupt types. HOJ believes no elected officials should accept anything while campaigning for any office because it is BRIBERY for future decisions beneficial to less than a majority of the affected geographic areas populous, camflauged as political support. - HOJ


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