Sunday, November 18, 2012

World Class Port OTW?

I was talking on the phone with a guy from Redding a few hours ago. He works in freight hauling. He suggested that pretty soon this area should be hopping with the port being rebuilt and expanded.

I told him I thought that was more of a pipe dream, citing the difficulty of getting rail in here and, besides, this is California- The Land of No. He countered that he thought it was already in progress as his company has been shipping a lot of port type industrial stuff here, cranes and such. He seemed to be under the impression that something was already going on.

After hearing my skepticism, he did at least agree that being in California is probably the biggest obstacle. Still, I'd be interested in just what has been shipped here and what its purpose is. It could just be replacing or upgrading port equipment for our normal port operations and not any big expansion.


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