Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Blue- Green Algae: First in 15 years?

Am I missing something in this Times- Standard story on the recent Board of Supervisor's meeting? They've backed a request by the Eel River Recovery Project for $200k for a public education campaign for, among other things, water conservation. Says Volunteer Coordinator, Pat Higgins:

 "...drought conditions have caused major tributaries of the river to run dry and blue-green algae blooms -- toxic to humans and animals -- have been reported for the first time in the last 15 years."

Fifteen years? Seems to me we get warnings for that blue- green algae just about every year along with the usual stories of dead pets. I'm guessing this is just hype to help get the money?

I suspect it will be a waste of money to try and educate people about water conservation. If folks down on the Eel don't know about dry rivers and the necessity of conserving water by now, will they ever?


At 9:20 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Henchman Of Justice" says,

Hmmmm, water conservation - is that before or after water is delivered out of county? Funny thing, during the last election for 5th District Supervisor, the discussion by ALL candidates was to "use more water" because we are losing our water rights to outside counties and municipalities that "divert our water". Conservation is good AFTER we have secured our water. Simply conserving now to allow for more to be taken is fallable.

The PR campaign should be for "water storgage" because then the rivers are affected by less draw which is conservation in essence. Really though, why save just to lose, it makes no sense in the financial world and it makes no sense in the natural world.

Higgins just wants the notoriety and the money that helps while Sundberg wants the "one-upmanship" to talley right back at Higgins during the next election campaigns, a sorta neutralizer effect explained away with the ole "trying to do a good thing rubbish". $200K will result in job creations for some people (or at least a couple more weeks of employment). The people who don't live along the river will most likely turn a blind eye to the melodramatic pr campaign because it won't mean anything as the "effect" is still too distant to most consumers.

Don't find fault in the goodness to make people aware, but the rational based upon reality of the consumer and those who affected by the pr campaign don't suggest that this is a wise use of funds.

HOJ found more intrigue in the CONVERSION of Agricultural Exclusive and TPZ land to that of commercial service, etc.... in the rezone petition. Sure is funny how the progressives claim all this and that is bad when converting AE and TPZ land, but somehow are ok when it is them doing the petitioning to rezone - and the evidence, did Lovelace corroborate and substantiate the evidence; or, is the evidence a hand job of ink and paper for mitigation purposes to be made easier???? It is all about money because apparantly, there ain't enough of it in demand.


At 9:29 AM, Blogger Travis said...

I don't think they've had a confirmed case for almost 15 years although they do Warn people to be on the lookout every year If they're serious about water conservation they would be down in Napa Valley shutting down the illegal vineyards that soak up far more water than the pot industry does


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