Monday, October 06, 2014

November Ballot- Part 3

Eureka City Council:

Frank Jager runs unopposed for Mayor. I'll give him a vote if only because he's a friend. Makes me wonder what I'd write if I had a friend running for office I wasn't going to vote for?

Marian Brady runs unopposed for Ward 1. No compelling reason to vote for her so not voting.

Ward 3, Ward 5- Newman vs. Bergel, Arroyo vs. Albin: It should be no surprise I'm voting for Newman and Albin, although  Bergel and Arroyo seem like pretty decent candidates by themselves. 

One glaring difference between them and the incumbents is Bergel and Arroyo support Measure R- the raising of Eureka's minimum wage, although mention was made somewhere they've been backing away from that recently. Not sure that's true but support does show, if not poor judgment, than at least a major difference between us in what we believe Eureka needs.

I'm not particularly enthusiastic about these races. If Measure R wasn't in the picture and Arroyo and Bergel simply entered the race on their own I might have just not voted.
As an aside, I noticed city council gal Melinda Ciarabellini has endorsed Kim Bergel, thus shunning her current council mate, Mike Newman (Wonder what that's about?). We've also heard Mayor Frank Jager on the radio plugging Chet Albin.

I've wondered before if it's a good idea for current council members to get involved in endorsements for city council races? Not that they shouldn't be able to let their preferences be known. I just wonder if that might make things a bit awkward on the council after the election?

I'm not suggesting they shouldn't be able to make endorsements at all if they're already on the council. Maybe just tone it down a bit and stay away from radio and TV appearances.  I suppose that's easier said than done.

I've appreciated the few times I've seen an officeholder stay out of the endorsement game. Past state assemblygal, Virginia Strom- Martin comes to mind as one who refused to endorse any of the Democrat challengers in the race to replace her. A class act, imo.


At 12:44 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

There was a candidates debate at this week's Rotary luncheon.

In it Kim Bergel stated outright that she supported Measure R, Natalia Arroyo danced all around the question but she is still listed as supporting it.

You're right, that one issue alone is enough to vote against them.

Mike Newman & Chet Albin were clear that they were voting against Measure R.

At 10:47 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Linda Atkins is part of Kim Bergel's team. She is Verbena's bff and all for Measure R.

Melinda Ciarabellini never ran for election so she never had to earn her office. She was appointed, then unopposed. Her endorsement means zilch.

I agree with you, Fred, not much to get excited about in this election.


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