Monday, December 19, 2005

Eureka Greens Oppose Community Rights Initiative?

I was surprised to see, on the agenda for the Eureka Greens' January meeting, under Endorsements, item d says, "Position in opposition to Humboldt Coalition For Community Rights Initiative". Unless I'm mistaken, that's the one that will prohibit corporations from outside the county from contributing to local elections, or some such.

Strange. I would think something like that would be a shoo- in for most Greens. I believe that would put them at odds with the county Green organization, although I can't be sure. Of course, maybe it's just on the agenda in order for them to discuss it but it looked to me like the supported all the other items on the Edorsements list.

Maybe they're frequenting this blog, checked my hard hitting commentary and decided that, if I oppose something, they should too? It will be interesting to see what comes of that. Doesn't look to me like they post minutes of past meetings on their blog yet so I made a comment that maybe they should. I also asked what their reasoning might be in opposing that initiative.

Looks like the Eureka City Council is considering making room for both the Eco Hostel and the Hampton Inn Suites, as opposed to just choosing one over the other. Kinda nice that everybody might end up happy. Or will they? We really need to get away from this sell trinkets to tourists mentality that pervades around here, at least in some circles.

I read in one paper recently one of the Eureka City Coucil folks saying that local hotels have an average 57% occupancy rate. That seems surprisingly high, at least for much of the year. I wonder what the minimal occupancy rate is for a hotel/ motel to break even and how low they need to go to go under? We can't just keep building one hotel after another.


At 10:53 PM, Anonymous The Texican said...

Why should something so stupidly written be a shoo-in for anyone? Maybe you should ask why otherwise smart people like the Mayor or the DA support this turkey in the same year they have to run for re-election. Its an unfolding disaster and good for the Greens to think twice, so should we all!


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