Tuesday, December 27, 2005

I Must Be Worth More Than This

So, I figure I'll really show that sweetheart, scary- though- she- may- be, Patriotic Mom, and let everyone know how much more my blog is worth than hers. I go to this site to see who's blog is worth more. What a disappointment. Her blog's worth more than mine. :-(

My Blog: $3387

Patriotic Mom: $7339

Boy, I got trounced. So, to try and save face, I go through my blog list and randomly throw some other blogs I check regularly into the mix. These aren't all the blogs I visit every day, just a few of them. It gets worse, with few exceptions. The results in no particular order:

The hard hitting leftie commentator, Blue Flypaper, gets a whopping $16,371

Self described libertarian- Republican, Right On, gets $67,744

One of my favorites, Cap'n Buhne, gets $0 (how can this be?)

Ilana Mercer's, Barely a Blog, gets $7,339

The out- for- the- holidays, San Francisco Liberal, gets $16,371 (he should get a penalty just for taking Christmas week off)

And our very own Leonidas', Fighting In The Shade, gets $564 (not bad for a relatively new blog)

To be fair to myself, this is based somehow on the links the page has and, I would think to some extent, what links other pages have to the blog. I never bothered to figure it out completely. But even with that, I may not have many links on my blog but they're better than the links on Pam's (Patriotic Mom) blog. Look at all those yucko links she has. Who'd want to visit any of those?

Oh well, can't argue with success. I guess the low value of my insightful, hard hitting commentary is the perfect example of talk being cheap.


At 12:36 PM, Blogger Pamela Reece said...

Nah,nah,nah,nah,nah....mine's worth more than yours is....:-)

At 12:50 PM, Blogger Indie Grandpa said...

I was amazed mine was worth $1,129.08 I have not been doing this very long? CJ


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