Thursday, December 29, 2005

Thompson Shuns Vets Bill?

Good for him. Actually, I don't think he actually blew this bill off. He probably just didn't want to get involved in a bill that wasn't going anywhere and this bill, which would give WW2 Merchant Mariners benefits somewhat equitable to regular military vets, doesn't seem to be going anywhere. Besides, as Thompson points out, how are we going to pay for this?

It's not that I'm anti- veteran. In some ways I could say I am a veteran. Heck, I was a member of the VFW for a year. Of course, I only joined cause a friend down at the Veteran's Affairs Office volunteered to pay my first year's dues if I joined.

I've gotten tired of hearing from supposed veterans. They're just another group seeking entitlements. I think, for the most part, people in the military are paid well and get great benefits. Probably the best paying job I ever had was being on active duty in the Army National Guard.

Now, we have all kinds of veterans coming out of the woodwork claiming abuse, or lack of compensation. Then the one that really irks me: Homeless VETERANS! Who are these homeless veterans and why is it such a big deal that they're veterans. Seems to me most people who leave the military take their experience and do good with it. Some, perhaps a lot of these homeless ones, might not have been worth a crap in the first place. Couldn't make it in the military or out. Those of you that haved served probably know the type. Yet, because they spent four or six years in the military, it's like we owe them for the rest of their lives.

I could see it if a guy lost an arm or leg in combat, but just cause someone lasted four years in the military doesn't mean he should get subsidized the rest of his life.

I remember one case of a guy that was an activist for veterans causes, of sorts. This was back in the mid '70s. The guy seemed in perfect shape and would be seen walking around town doing "research". I got to know him a little and one day had to ask what he did for finances, as he didn't seem to have a regular job. He goes on to tell me he was on disability for a service related injury. Ok. Sounds fine, and he would talk about all sorts of veterans issues on occasion. Then, I come to find out his injury was a result of a motorcycle accident he was in while he was in the Navy, but not while on duty.

So, he gets in a wreck, off duty, and gets some (apparently) lifetime disability, despite the fact that his injuries weren't job related. That's great for him, I guess, but it's not so great for everyone else. These people that try to turn military service into a life long entitlement give veterans a bad name.


At 11:31 AM, Anonymous Rob Ash said...

Hi Fred, i just saw your blog today.. very interesting post ..

I usally regard Libertarians as right wing Republicans who like to smoke pot and intellectualize about social Dawinism

Not just cheapskate and callous, but shamelessly self indulgent as well.

I'm not saying you are like this thats just my predisposition towards libertainaism in general

Perhaps I'm one of those vets to whom you're referring..

As a matter of fact, i was on the front page of the Times -Standard newspaper protesting against Don
Davenport's abuse of the system.

I think what this man did ,while technically legal was morally reprehensible.
Davenport abusive not just to the system but to his fellow citizens as well.

The damage Don Davenport inflicted on the citizens of Eureka was far more egregious Your veteran "Welfare King" that you sight as flimsy anecdotal evidence that all these Homeless veteran advocates are shamming people with thier efforts.

At 11:55 AM, Blogger Fred said...

I don't understand what damage Davenport did to the system or his fellow citizens?

And I stand by what I said: Just cause someone spends some time in the military, doesn't mean he's entitled to extra consderation the rest of his life. If you want to work on a homeless center, work on a homeless center. Leave veterans out of it. Don't use veteran status as a way to gain sympathy.

At 10:45 AM, Anonymous Rob Ash said...

Obviously, you have no Idea what you are talking about...

You must have been living in a cave for the last three years or soemthing. Or maybe just path.

The reason that the military vets are entitled to some special consideration is because they volunteer thier lives in order to defend our county. That's real patriotism that goes beyond talk.

Just because you might have had a soft ride in the military doesn't mean it goes that way for everyone

Davenport damaged the system because he turned around and crapped on the very people who made his nice life possible.
Then he stuck em with the lawyer bill

If the President or thier commanders decide to send them to a place where they might very well be killed or maimed for life.They have to go. Even if the President and the commanders are psychopaths


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