Monday, February 20, 2006

Libertarians In Congress?

Michael Evenson seems to think so. Actually, having read his opinion piece in the Eureka Reporter (not available online yet) today, I can understand why he says that. He defines libertarian as someone who believes the Constitution and Bill of Rights should be taken seriously.

I can go along with that, but to attribute the name to someone just because he might have a libertarian view on one or two issues kinda rubs me the wrong way. It is nice to see the L word used more often as a positive attribute, though.

Mr. Evenson had a similar commentary in yesterday's Eureka Reporter, as well. Once again he describes some congressmen as libertarians because they were concerned with some actions against gun owners and dealers by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobbaco and Firearms. Ok. I'll go along with that as well.

BTW; Is it just me or is there something a little odd about those two commentaries? It seems, when I'm reading them, like there's something missing. It's like stepping into the middle of an ongoing conversation. I think it's because there's no introductory paragraph or prelude to set up what he's writing about.

Speaking of libertarians in congress, there is undoubtably one libertarian member in congress right now: Congressman Ron Paul, Republican from Texas. He was the Libertarian Party's Presidential Candidate in 1988(?). Often the only No vote in Congress, he's referred to as Doctor No by some of his colleagues.

If anyone wonders what a libertarian would do if he actually managed to get elected to congress, you could get a pretty good idea just by following what Ron Paul does. That's not to say that all libertarians are in lock step agreement on all issues, but Dr. Paul pretty much has libertarianism down pat.


At 8:34 PM, Blogger mresquan said...

Well Fred, there have been times where I've thought of Roger Rodoni as being Libertarian friendly,but again that went to hell with his remarks about same sex marriage rights.But he is relaxing on pot issues,and firmly stands for the 2nd amendment.I guess locally, Arcata mayor Michael Machi seems to vote along Lib lines.Let's see in Congress,your right Ron Paul certainly is Lib friendly.Jim Jeffords(I thinks it's spelled right) from Vermont who switched from republican to independent a few years back tends to vote along Lib lines. Is Jesse'the body'Ventura a Lib now?I've seen that you put McClintock in this category before,I guess I agree,but I question some of his civil liberty views.

At 9:12 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ron Paul is one of the very few members of Congress I have any respect for. He voted against America's war-criminal bombing of the people of Yugoslavia in 1999, and then against America's war-criminal bombing of the people of Iraq, and the subsequent invasion to steal their oil. If he's what a Libertarian is, we desperately need more Libertarians in this country.

Fred, since you're a friend and supporter of the Arkleys, do you know if they have Libertarian values? Do they support every American's Constitutional right to keep and bear arms?

I'd be amazed if they admitted to the legitimacy of medical marijuana. That would earn them enemies in high places. And people don't amass vast fortunes in any country by making enemies among the ruling elite.

At 9:38 PM, Blogger mresquan said...

Rob Jr. could be pot friendly,not sure.He did send me a nasty e-mail in regards to a workshop that we(then the voter confidence committee) did on ranked choice voting, saying that it was an attempt by leftists to take over Eureka.I believe one of his quote's was "they don't even have anything this ridiculous in Berkeley,or Arcata",which is funny because Berkeley voters did indeed vote to use RCV for city elections,but they can't due to Diebold and software compatibility issues.I'll wrie more on that later.Rob Jr. is very mislead on this issue. I then responded by telling him that that his wife may very well have won the election if RCV was used here.Mayor LaVallee only won by 42 votes and had only 38% of the popular vote.He then responded with" don't bring my wife into this" and said something along the lines of " the voters got what they deserve". So, he differs from Libs on the ranked voting issue.Do remember that Rob supported Gallegos in the recall attempt, even though his dad led the recall effort. Paul G. is leniant on pot prosecutions right?Hey Fred,where does McClintock stand on med marijuana?

At 6:53 AM, Blogger Fred said...


Rodoni is in there. I don't know that one could hold his dissenting view on gay marriage really against him.

As I said at the time he made the safe choice by echoing the Governor; The people overwhelmingly passed Prop 22 which identified marriage as only between a man and woman. Not that I agree with his decision but it was an easy way out.

His support of the county wide sales tax increase, Measure L, is more of concern to me in regards to his libertarian credentials.

Jesse Ventura? Not strictly a lib but he's in there, although I believe he supported some tax increases as Governor.

McClintock is certainly in there on fiscal policies. As to his postitions on other issues, like medical mj, gay marriage and such, I'm not sure. I'm sure he carries some Republican baggage in that regard.

Rob Arkley? I suspect he's pretty much a social and fiscal conservative. More than that I get the impression he's somewhat naive politically seeing things pretty much black and white. If a Democrat is for something, he's against it, regardless of the merits or lack thereof of issue.

I feel safe in saying that if only he labelled me a "left wing extremist" during the e-mail exchange over instant runoff voting that mresquan referred to.

Me a left wing extremist? Excuse me? Actually, I find it amusing when I'm called a left winger by the Right and a right winger by those on the Left. I guess that means I'm the middle- of- the- road guy.

As far as supporting Gallegos, I think that had to do with something else other than marijuana. More along the line of a run in the Arkley's had with Terry Farmer.

I don't think I could be considered a friend of the Arkleys. I've spoken to Cherie Arkley a couple times briefly.

She likely doesn't know my name although she waves to me on occassion as I mow her next door neighbor's lawn and her gardener is a friend of mine (and a registered libertarian, btw).


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