Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Berg Runs Again

I guess I'm not as an astute observer of state politics as I like to believe. Patty Berg filed papers to keep her seat in the state assembly again. I was under the impression she couldn't because of term limits but a quick check showed the limit was three terms, not two as I'd thought.

I see her around town every now and then. I'm always surprised to see her by herself. You'd think she'd have an entourage following her around as so many pols seem to have. Then again, maybe they don't. I've never seen Mike Thompson in person. Anyone know if he travels around by himself?

I know I saw Wes Chesbro at the Elections office on Harris and H Streets in Eureka one time and he was by himself, although he was there for some press conference announcing him running again and there were a number of people attending that function.

I even saw Barry Goldwater one time, right next to me as I was walking down the aisle of a commercial airliner in San Francisco. I wasn't sure at first it was him but then I heard the people in the seat next to me referring to "Barry" being up in the front of the plane. He was sitting in his seat with no one around him.

In fact, the people that picked me up at the airport in Phoenix said when Goldwater came off the plane, he looked around like he was expecting someone to be there for him. There was no one there and he walked off all by himself. You'd think there'd at least some political groupies following him around.

Maybe it's just a myth that politicians always have an entourage of aides and such following them around?


At 5:59 PM, Blogger Captain Future said...

There's a new documentary coming out that follows Al Gore around the country doing his global warming slide show and presentation, and apparently he's shown often traveling alone, carrying his own bags through airports, etc.

At 8:15 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yep, they do in fact travel around by themselves when they are home. Only staffed to meetings and the like...

At 7:01 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

She can run, but I will not be voting for her again. She hasn't done a very good job.


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