Friday, December 22, 2006

Back To Square One...

for Meredith Lintott, candidate for Mendocino County District Attorney.

Looks like the State Supreme Court denied the Board of Supervisor's request to appoint someone as District Attorney in light of the death of the late Norm Vroman. It looks like the current appointed D.A., Keith Faulder, will be facing off in a special election against Lintott, the past challenger to Vroman. Unknown, at this point, if any new names will enter the fray.

I have yet to figure out just where the alliances lie in this race as far as what forces are lined up with Lintott and what forces are going for the Vroman (Faulder) ticket. At least I'm assuming those backing Faulder were the ones that were backing Vroman.

Then again, all I know about that race is what I've read in the papers.


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