Saturday, December 23, 2006

More Show And Tell + Camera Stuff

Working with this digital camera is a real can of worms. Nothing seems to work as easy as it did a couple of years ago when I used it more often.

Tried e-mailing some photos from the laptop to this computer. Somehow one never showed up in my inbox. I guess I missed it. Then, I couldn't save the pictures like I did with that one of the trailer.

Yesterday the trailer pic did the same thing the first time: I Saved Attachment As...and saved it as a .jpeg on my desktop figuring it would be easiest to find that way. It never showed up on my desktop. Tried it a couple more times and it finally showed up. What's with that?

Did the same thing with the pics I downloaded this morning, except no matter how many times I tried, they never showed up. I even tried saving them to My Pictures and they never showed up there either.

In desperation, I tried sending them back to my Yahoo mailbox to see if I could save them from there. It actually worked that way. When I'd click on the file, I'd get a window asking whether to save it to a file or open it with the Photo and Fax Viewer, or whatever it's called. That's not the same Camera and Scanner Wizard my laptop has.

Anyway, suffice it to say, I'll need to get this straightened out so it's easier to deal with.
Here's some Show and Tell, or North Coast Travelogue; Addendum, if you will:

This is the "waiting room" at the Oncology Clinic. Actually more of a hallway, but they do provide chairs. Not many people there right now. Later in the day when we returned, it was almost standing room only. Nice view, though, which is where I took the picture below.

This is the view, looking Northeast(?) from the fifth floor of the UCSF Medical Center- the Oncology Clinic to be more specific. I'd actually taken another shot just to the left but I must have deleted it as I couldn't find it on the camera.

It's actually quite a view. If you could see just to the left you'd see parts of San Francisco Bay in the distance. Just to the left of that you can see the Golden Gate Bridge. Further left you can follow Irving Street, which is on the north side of the clinic, about as far as it goes to the west. You can even see the ocean from up there.

It's a pretty useful place for newbies to the city because, coupled with a map, you can really orient yourself to where everything lies in relation to each other.

This picture ended up kinda weird. I didn't think it took too well when I saw it in the camera viewfinder, or whatever that thing's called. Then, when I finally got it on my laptop, I thought it looked pretty good. Then, when I got it on this computer, it didn't look the same at all. Not sure what happened there.

Anyway, this is Connie's "Attending Physician", Dr. Kristen Hege M.D. A pretty impressive lady. She radiates knowledge, confidence and a can- do attitude.

This actually isn't her day job. I understand she's only in the clinic on Mondays. The rest of the week she's Vice- President of Clinical Research for Cell Genesys, a biotec company that's working on developing vaccines for various cancers.

I'd heard she worked for some biotech company. When I finally remembered to ask her about it, her eyes really seemed to light up. She seems quite passionate about her work.

This is the wreck we came upon on Tuesday just before noon. Can't see it too well from here, but the cab of the truck was pretty smashed up. Probably should have gotten closer but I wasn't sure when they were going to let traffic through again and didn't want to have to make a mad dash for my car if the traffic started moving.

The fire guys in the yellow suits are dumping sand, or some such, on the pavement to absorb the spilled diesel.

There, now I can delete all the pictures from my camera and go find some more to take.


At 4:29 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I read you blog every week Fred... and I live about two bocks from those photos from UCSF

At 8:29 PM, Blogger Becky said...

WOW ! we passed each other on the road somewhere in Willits ! We were on our way to Willits, and passed that truck and another a few miles south of the 'tennis court'. We stopped in Laynotville for a few minutes, and apparently got back on the road before they got that far. They were not going fast at all. The wreck happened about 2-5 minutes behind us, about the time we slowed down to come into Willits. We left to come back north a couple hours later and waited about 5 minutes - they had the truck uprighted, and it was driving away ---

At 8:02 AM, Blogger Fred said...

Boy, hard to believe they drove that truck off. The cab really looked trashed to me.

4:29 wrote, "I read you blog every week Fred... and I live about two bocks from those photos from UCSF".

Any relation to my niece Maria Matteoli? She's been staying at a place a couple blocks away from there lately. I think she's somewhere around the intersection of Parnassus and Stanyan.

At 4:57 PM, Blogger Eric V. Kirk said...

Cool. Jamie Lee Curtis is her MD!


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