Sunday, December 07, 2008

Gas Prices: Eureka vs. Crescent City

I thought it a rather interesting perspective, this story in The Daily Triplicate. We always complain about gas prices in Humboldt, as opposed to the rest of the state, forgetting there are places that pay even more than we do.

I hadn't thought much about it but figured Crescent City paid the same, or lower, prices than we do. I guess not. While there's no mention of prices in the story, a quick check of the AAA Gas Price Finder site shows folks in Crescent City do seem to pay more than we do.

The dates of the check are different but on November 29 gas averaged $2.50 a gallon in Crescent City versus $1.96 to $2.16 in Eureka on December 6.

It seemed rather odd reading about competition in Eureka being one reason for our lower gas prices.

It was also interesting to find out the reason the casinos sell such cheap gas is they can import gas from out of state that doesn't meet California's formulation requirements. Maybe Crescent City needs a casino so they can get some competition going?


At 9:26 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Was in Crescent City last Tuesday and went to Brookings to Fred Meyer. Their gas usually is cheaper than in California, butr this timeq Costco in Eureka was cheaper. I was surprised that Crescent City gas was so much higher than Eureka as it is usually the same and sometimes has been less.

Gas prices in Eureka yesterday were from $1.95 to $2.09 with Costco at $1.85 still.


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