Thursday, February 10, 2011

Crescent City Making News

A number of fun items in The Daily Triplicate recently:

First off, annexation rears its ugly head in Crescent City with the Mayor proposing areas just outside of town become part of Crescent City proper. Naturally the Mayor makes it sound as if this is all for the benefit of the proposed areas.

Little is said about tax redistribution until later in the story and I think we know that taxes is what this is all about. At least those proposing annexation of Eureka's outlying areas are honest about it.

Fluoride is back in the news up there, too, with the City Council voting 3 to 2 in favor of reducing the amount of fluoride the city water is treated with to the lower level recommended by Environmental Protection Agency. Seems there's some concern now over the higher levels being used.

Fluoride proponents on the council are opposed to lowering the levels at all. Jeeesh! They're just talking about lowering the level, not taking it out altogether. I never cease to be amazed how cavalier some folks are about literally shoving stuff down other peoples' throats when they don't have to.

The fight over fluoride goes on.

Lastly, Crescent City is going after a property owner for letting the brush on his property grow unchecked and they're declaring his property a public nuisance. Hits home with me after the City of Eureka ragging on us about our ivy growing out over the sidewalk last year.

Seems strange to hear complaints like that from people who live in relatively wild areas to begin with. I know some people enjoy the more "wild" properties in town. A couple stopped by my house years ago telling me they really enjoyed the wilder look of the property, the opposite being those properties where owners think everything has to look controlled.

Still, I can understand the complaints to some extent, just as I understand the view of the owner of the Crescent City properties who is reported to have wrote, “such vegetation possesses a natural beauty, certainly offering a more attractive vista than a lot scraped clean of all trees and bushes”. Nicely said, but I know some who might disagree with him.


At 6:53 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Crescent City should just merge into Del Norte County. It would save money. Other than turf wars, what is the reason not to?

At 10:02 AM, Anonymous skippy said...

I was going to talk to you about that ivy, Fred...

Ok; annexation, a little flouride, too much brush in Crescent City. Small potatoes for country living nuisances in pleasant California. But they don't have wolves. Wolves?

Yes, Fred, the surprisingly cutting edge of wolf evolution is at our doorstep terrorizing one small ice-packed Russian town here in the middle of nowhere. You might've covered those mammoths-- but these killer wolf packs have nothing on them.

Thank goodness, California and Crescent City are still amicably gentle in comparison. No worries. So, go ahead and drink the water, annex the countryside, have a few flaming torches and pitchforks handy... and keep that ivy and yard tame.

At 12:20 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Plus, Chief Plack allegedly sexually harassing a female officer. Tch tch.
(He teaches ethics at the CR police academy. But then again so did former HC Sheriff Dave Renner!!!)


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