Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Eureka Crime/Safety Poll Now Online

The Times- Standard had a story on crime and people's safety concerns the other day. The story mentioned a poll readers could take in regards crime in their neighborhood. The only problem was most, if not all of us, couldn't find the poll. I wasn't the only one asking in the comments where the poll was. Did we miss it? Maybe.

Regardless, it's up now. If that link doesn't work just go to the Times- Standard web site. Poll link should be at top left, just above the local news.

My first comment when asked to rate my neighborhood, was to define "safety". Is that safety from violence or crime altogether? I rated our neighborhood 8 overall, with 10 being safest. Had I the choice, I'd give it maybe a 5 for theft or vandalism as we get that on occasion.

I might give it an 8 or higher for safety from violence as I can't recall any violent crime, aside from a few fights at the druggie house across the street, in the over 20 years we've lived here.


At 7:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"henchman Of Justice" says,

Great question Fred, define "safety".

Afterall, senior citizens are very different than adolescents and middle aged folks.

Seniors = everything is the end of the world, but they also don't really care because it is the end of "their life".

Parents = Joker's wild card in so far as household social training

Kids = Kids will be Kids

Answer - crime is not bad enough to justify the overall number of public employees who act in the capacity as "crime fighters".

Truth AND Fact - HOJ


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