Friday, December 27, 2013

Times- Standard Polls

The home page to the Times- Standard web site always includes some polls. There's usually three of them asking various questions on any number of subjects. I always enjoy participating them if only because I find some, if not many, people agree with me on at least some issues. Sure, they're usually not political questions, but at least I'm not the only one that feels a certain way on just about everything.

A couple days ago one of the questions asked something along the line of "Which major league sports do you follow?". Being one of the few I've ever known who doesn't follow sports at all, I was pleasantly surprised to see 34% of respondent's didn't follow sports either. Not bad. That's one out of three.

There's usually a link at the bottom of the poll results to "View more info", or some such. Clicking on that link the other day to me to this graph showing 25% don't follow professional sports. Not as good as 34% but still one in four. 

Just as with many other poll questions they provide, it shows maybe I'm not always the loneliest guy in the world!


At 9:10 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I gave up following professional sports when I realized that the players were younger that I am (so much for hero worship.)

At 9:51 AM, Blogger Fred Mangels said...

I never understood the allure, even when I was younger. Who are those guys, anyway?

I can understand people wanting to play sports, but why watch others play and get all hyped up over it? Especially when they're people you don't even know.

I might even get it if a football team was native to a state or city. Like if the Oakland Raiders (are they still from Oakland?) were all players from Oakland and there was some civic/native pride involved, but there isn't.

All the players come from all over, many of them bouncing back and forth to different teams for one reason or another. Why should I care who wins?

Back when I worked at the Humboldt Bay Power Plant sports was big among many, if not most, who worked there. Only one of my fellow guards wasn't in to sports, along with me. I used to joke with him, John Krause, that we should form something along the line of a Society for the Socially Retarded, as we were probably the only ones at the power plant that didn't care about sports. There must have been something wrong with us.


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