Friday, February 07, 2014

Our America Initiative Seeks Volunteers

Our America Initiative is seeking volunteers to help build their local infrastructure. You can learn more about them and add your name to their list here. As their web page says, the organization's purpose is simple, albeit not very specific:

"To redefine the liberty movement in America. We aim to restore human respect, personal liberty and economic freedom as the true American values, to coexist as individuals who respect the sanctity of all persons, and to foster an environment that allows each person to pursue his or her individual dreams and happiness without the burdens of bureaucratic dictates".

I'll probably add my name soon. The main thing holding me back is I don't like the name- Our America. I hate those populist, airhead, generic names. Just like that one they had for Gary Johnson- the organization's "Honorary Chairman"- when he ran for president last time: The People's President. I hated that.

Yet another group trying to restore liberty to the country. I'll likely join one of these days. Anybody want to beat me to it?


At 7:19 PM, Anonymous liberal jon said...

Let's see, make the free market even freer based on Ayn Rand's ideas?

Allow the private sector even more latitude and give them more leverage to further separate wealth from the lower, middle, and upper middle class?*

Short Long answer...heck no.

At 7:06 AM, Blogger Fred Mangels said...

Don't worry. You'd be one of the last persons I would expect to be interested in this. I was addressing my post towards you.

At 7:24 AM, Anonymous liberal jon said...

Phew! :)

At 8:18 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

we do not have a free market we have a crony capitalism fascist market controlled by about 6 corporations which through subsidiaries own pretty much all the other corporations in the entire world that is not a free market that is a monopoly this monopoly is controlled and limited by the government through penalties fees finds regulations and permits not that I don't think we need some kind of government oversight to control out of control corporations but it's pretty obvious to anybody with a brain and at least one eye s*** even if you can read Braille you should be able to figure that out that all these regulations are selectively enforced on smaller corporations while larger corporations get by with small little slaps on the rist take the Amish family that was selling raw milk that got SWAT team compared to Wells Fargo and West Covina that got caught laundering hundreds of billions of dollars in drug money only to pay a hundred thirteen million dollar fine or the fact that Monsanto can cross pollinate your crops with their seed and then sue you for patent infringement and take your land when government and the corporations becomes one you have a fascist government and there's no such thing as a free market in a fascist government granite our government is a hundred percent fascist yet but it's quickly getting there... and well meeting liberals are helping it get there faster than ever before and just in case you've forgotten I am a registered Democrat that voted for Barack Obama in 2008 shame on me

At 11:46 AM, Anonymous liberal jon said...

I feel your pain THC. I don't disagree with the sentiments. Dems are not great on this either. Obama for one veered right even before getting into office. This problem is solvable and does not require a revolution. Pretty simple, get money out of politics. We can do this. Seems like you and Fred come from the conservative wing. This will be harder to change in that party and if I were you, I'd proably also be hoping for a third party. People like Glenn Beck are getting that the Republicans are shills for big business. Now that he represents a relatively small business in media.

The real driver that I think has been splitting the Glenns off from the Republicans is immigration though.

This might be a time that libertarians can take over the Republicans. Thing is, they are so far right on the free market that even if you do take over the R's your policies cannot win. Not if you want to privatize Social Security and Medicare, reduce environmental regs, etc.

It's a tough situation. However, you would find a large percentage of the Democrats on your side if you really were interested in "encouraging and incentivizing" small business.

No shame THC. You did the right thing. Next step is to get more active. What we have to do, no matter where we are in the political spectrum (or 2 dimensional Fred graph) we have to dissassociate money from government. It's not impossible but we would need to work across the politics to get it done.

At 9:13 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wish I had as much faith in the ability of the people of this country as you do but between the degradation of our culture the chemicals in our food and water supply the neverending propaganda from the minute you enter the school system or turn on your TV in the morning to the moment you go to bed I believe things will have to get so bad before people realize what's going on by then it'll be too late we just had it too good for too long. I predict this time around they will put in a Republican president to calm the masses down only to further the agenda just like they did with Obama to get people over bush it's kind of like cancer if you catch it early enough you can fight it with benign treatments but usually you end up having to cut it out by force or if all else fails you have to use treatments that not only kill it but kill yourself as well and riddle me this how do you change the laws when the lawmakers are corrupt how do you vote the law makers out when the voting system is corrupt this is not the first time in history this situation has presented itself but so far the only solution to the situation as far as history dictates is either laying down and become enslaved or fighting back sometimes fighting back works sometimes it doesn't but we all know what happens when you lay down and become a slave... I don't ever recall a situation when the people voted the government back from tyranny.

At 3:47 PM, Anonymous liberal jon said...

THC - I appreciate your honesty and you are not alone. Fred for one has given up and so has at least one commenter that posts from the more Heraldo side of things. Liberal doomsayers think we are too late to stop Global Warming conservative doomsayers say was are all slaves and the nanny state has become tyrannical.

I've had a very privalegded life to be able to get a 4 year plus education pased high school for a song back when we helped subsidize College. I've am a child of parents who have lived on 3 or 4 continents depending on how one does the math.

We still live in the richest country on earth. We also live in one with one of the most remarkable systems of government. The free market knows how to get what it wants and it has grabbed hold of the reigns of power. We can fight back sans violence. It's possible and I think it's probable. We've been through alot worse before and gotten through it. The real question is will be able to start/continue* to make improvements in time for things like Global Warming, etc. I don't know, but I do know that if we don't try we will have 0 chance.

* I know many don't care about others outside our borders, but the green revolution and, yes, the free market has brought a great deal of wealth and health to us and the rest of the world. The next step is to find a way to enjoy global longer lives and increased wealth sustainably. Optimistic lecture over.

Here's Hans Rosling


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