Thursday, February 06, 2014

Our Totalitarian State

I almost always enjoy hearing from former Governor of Minnesota, Jesse Ventura. What I found most entertaining in this Politico article about him was the following comment made after some back and forth over what kind of country we live in:

"Communism, Fascism - same thing. It's totalitarianism no matter how you slice it.
There are two political philosophies to pick from - freedom and tyranny. America started out with the intent to adopt freedom, but since FDR we have decided tyranny is better.
Hope you all enjoy it."

That comment had 284 up votes, and 10 down votes last I checked. That's good news.


At 8:07 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...
there's just too many examples of the out-of-control militarized police to list them all sooner or later people will start pushing back but I think that's exactly what they want

At 7:40 AM, Anonymous liberal jon said...

That's a great conservative trick Jesse's selling. It was best popularized by Jonah Goldberg and his "Liberal Fascism.

Since you brought it up, Conservatives would love to sweep the tyranny of the private sector under the rug. Thing is it's real. One of the things I'm fighting for is choice in new housing, right now we don't have that. Business interests want to build with the highest profit margin possible.

Another example, health care. Conservatives don't want the public option, ie choice, because they know how successful it would be.

Fascism = the merging of a viable private sector and government ie where conservatives would like to take us. Communism = governmental control of the entire economy.

That's why conservatives need to confuse this issue. They don't want any historical example of what happens when the private sector envelopes the public sector. Better rhetorically to blame liberals for both why calling it tyranny or "big government".

It's another conservative sham and I'm not surprised you both are buying it.

At 7:55 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Authoritarian John how can you not get it through your thick ass skull that liberals and conservatives have both been bought and paid for by the same corporations comparing the two parties is like comparing coke to Pepsi they're the same damn thing The two separate parties is only an allusion to keep us at bay And make us think we actually have a choice and by the way since when has it been my responsibility to make sure you have a house to live in? do like I did live in a tent until you save enough money to buy a house or trailer or in my case a small piece of land and then I built my own house with my own two hands with no help from anybody because I don't expect the rest of the country to wipe my ass for me...

At 8:04 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh and as a PS you do understand that Mitt Romney was the one who initiated the writing and structure of Obama Care right in other words it was mostly written and designed by Republicans and then insurance companies and Obama is nothing more than a stocking boy puppet that does the bidding of whatever corporate master is pulling his string he will also take the heat for all the failed policies and in two more years he'll be out of office and they'll let another puppet in like Hillary or Christy or Romney or Georgia Bush which will give them a fresh start to enforce their agenda again and again and again and again until people figure out this two party system is nothing but a sham put aside your tribal affiliations and use your own mind... because you do sound like a semi intelligent person

At 8:38 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said... the Reporters Without Borders just dropped us to number 48 on their Freedom Index list and we are now ranked number 14 on the economic freedom list we were number one until the early 80's how fast we begin to slide on a slippery slope...

At 12:25 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said... no matter what your political affiliation this should scare the s*** out of you talk about lack of national security now not only are we fabricating our military technology with parts made in China we are relying on them for antibiotics what next we start importing the air we breathe the food we eat and the water we drink from China meanwhile they're televising projected fall out ratios of nuclear strikes on American soil and extensively beefing up there military the people that run our country or not this stupid something is going on I'm certainly glad my grandparents are not alive to see this country commit suicide and in the meantime we argue about people should have the right to take whatever drugs they want and to stick their dicks in whoever's butt they want and should be able to p*** in any bathroom they want regardless of sexual preferences


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