Saturday, December 13, 2014

Funnel Cloud Spotted

The Del Norte Triplicate reports a funnel cloud was spotted near Smith River yesterday. A rather strange coincidence as I was driving west on Buhne Street yesterday and was looking at the clouds thinking it wouldn't surprise me to see a funnel cloud.  Wonder if I was thinking that the same time that funnel cloud formed?

CNN reports a tornado hit Los Angeles, too. Nothing saying Humboldt Bay couldn't also get one.

Don't know if I told this story here before, but back when I worked at the Humboldt Bay Power Plant I saw what might have been the beginnings of a tornado over what was probably Table Bluff.

I was sitting in our control room and thunderstorm type weather was moving through the area. I looked southwest, up over the area we called P1 and saw a few clouds together that seemed to be getting ready to go into circular motion- spiraling, if you will. I'd seen that before on TV when they'd show tornadoes form. I wondered if I was seeing a tornado form?

Nothing came of it and a bit later I went up on the hill to relieve the late Fred Salinas. He grew up in Texas. I didn't have a chance to say anything to him before he said, "That cloud formation that just came through...back in Texas we see something like that, we'd head for the cellar". I told him I was thinking the same thing but couldn't be sure. I didn't have his experience.

At least we'd be fairly safe if a tornado hit the power plant. Lots of places to hide. I don't know what I'd do if I saw one coming while at home. What would you do?


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