Sunday, December 21, 2014

Milk Bottles and Milk Men

The funny things you think about when you're laying in bed early in the morning. For some reason this morning I lay there for some time thinking about milk bottles. I couldn't remember what kind of lid, or caps, they had to keep them closed.

I believe the last time we had a milkman deliver our milk was in the '60s when we lived in Tustin, CA. I don't remember how often he'd come by but we'd put the clean empty bottles out on the front porch. He'd drive up and replace them with full ones. 

I vaguely remembered the milkman as driving a white truck. He also wore white pants, shirt and hat. He'd carry the bottles in a wire frame six pack thing with a handle.

The bottles were similar to the one in the picture, but squarish. The lid was the same. It was some kind of waterproof, thick paper mixed with foil. The foil on the edges let you push it around the lip of the bottle so it would stay on. I don't recall what we'd do if we lost the cap. The good old days.


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