Sunday, December 14, 2014

Eureka Speed Limits Changing?

The Times- Standard reports the Eureka City Council will be considering changing the speed limits on a few roads within the city:

"A survey that evaluated 73 streets, taking into account accident history and roadway characteristics, recommended lowering the speed limit by 5 mph at B, Buhne, California, Dolbeer and E streets, as well as Campton Road. Speed limits at Fairway Drive, Harrison Avenue and McFarlan Street were recommended to be increased by 5 mph."

I live on E street and am not even sure what the speed limit is here. I'm guessing 30? Seems to me that's fine, although it certainly should be lower as you get into Henderson Center. Too much going on through there to drive normal speeds on E or F Streets. I usually go 25 in that area. I don't see much reason to lower it everywhere else.

Hard to believe anyone's talking of increasing speed limits in this day and age. Fairway Drive, going through the golf course, seems fine to me as is. 

I can't imagine why anyone would want to raise the speed limit on Harrison Avenue, at least between Harris to the north side of the General Hospital campus. Way too much going on in there. No problem raising it north of the campus, if that's what they're talking about. You could almost call that section open road. It seems fine to me now as it is.

I have no idea why they're bringing McFarlan into this, assuming I'm thinking of the right street. The one I'm thinking of goes off Myrtle Avenue where the Shell station and two domes are. I don't believe it intersects Harrison. I think it turns into Hillside Drive which intersects Harrison. Maybe it's misnamed or I'm reading it wrong? I drive down McFarlan fairly regularly (thought it was McFarland) and don't see any problem with the way it is now.

I thought Campton Road was county business.


At 11:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fairway drive seems fine because everyone goes 15mph over the speed limit. If anyone actually did the speed limit, then you'd realize just how stupidly low it is!

As to the others, they all seem fine as they are, with the exception of needing to raise the speed limit on the north part of Harrison as you said.

Fortunately, virtually no one actually pays any attention to what the signs say on any road, and everyone just drives based on current road conditions... so changing the signs won't slow traffic down any.


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