Friday, April 10, 2015

No More Dish Network

Readers here will recall I've been making moves toward dumping pay TV. As part of that effort I was going to cancel Dish Network, if only because of their recent price increase. Called them up and they kinda talked me into going with Dish Pause. That's a program where you keep your settings and can reconnect anytime. Our deal was through September.

Then a few days ago Dish called up reminding us the credit card they billed us with had expired. No big deal to me as we weren't paying anyway. I just ignored it but the wife was concerned about them saying if they try to bill us and the card number is still invalid we might be charged "late fees". 

I still wasn't all that concerned. Then again, you never know what sorts of stunts they might pull. The wife was, though, and started ragging on me to call them and cancel Dish Pause. Yesterday afternoon I did.

Whew! I suppose it shouldn't have been any surprise they'd try to talk me into staying with them in one way or another. That's how we ended up on Dish Pause.

First it's the "We're sorry to see you go. You've been with us for so long", line. Then she goes "....but we respect your decision so...". Thought that might be it. Nope. Then she goes "....but, you know, we can keep you on this for ....". I tell her again, no, no, NO. I was being nice about it, though.

She goes on again with, "Ok, we respect your decision...", only to come back with "but..we can give you a year, no contract, for $29.99 a month....". To which I again said, no, no, NO, although I've wrote here before if the price was always $30 a month I'd stay with either Dish or Suddenlink forever.

She again says "Ok, we respect your decision...", and came back with yet another option, the details of which escape me. I come back with the no, no, NO again explaining it's not just them but we're dumping pay TV altogether.

She gives me the final "Ok, we respect your decision", and asks me to hold for a minute. Then she comes back telling me she's going to give me some information about the terms of ending of service. She rattles through that really fast, telling me they'd be sending us a shipping container to return the receiver and other stuff and that if I didn't send it back there's be some big penalty. Whatever. 

Finally, after 20 or 25 minutes, it was over. Why do I feel I haven't heard the last of them?


At 11:11 AM, Blogger Julie Timmons said...

You probably haven't. I never subscribed to Dish but I wrote to the FTC complaining about their incessant snailmail and got a thank-you note from them for contributing to the class action suit. Dish is a desperate outfit. One question, Fred: when I was at someone else's house and watched TV on their Dish there was a weird pause when you switched channels that would drive me crazy. Did you experience that?

At 11:33 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kill your junkbox. You will save money, time and brain cells.

At 12:39 PM, Blogger Fred Mangels said...

"Did you experience that?"

I don't recall that happening. About the only problem we had as far as receiving was every now and then- regularly on one channel- the picture would slow to a crawl, pixulate ( think that's what it's called), then the picture would almost disappear and screen would turn pink. By pixulate I mean the picture would break up into squares (pixels?).

That would last less than a minute but it happened all the time on Jeopardy. I'd think we were about to lose the picture, but it always came back.

It hasn't happened with Suddenlink so I'm guessing it was something with the Dish receiver box since both SL and Dish get their feed from the same satellites.

About the only beef I've had with SL is I can't for the life of me figure out how to create "Favorites" list of channels so I don't have to scroll through all the channels all the time. It says to choose Favorites mode, but I can't find that anywhere.

Wish Dish, creating a Favorites list was fairly easy to figure out.

Connie told me last night she didn't like the channel numbering system with Dish. I'd never noticed that. With SL she can look at the TV guide and simply punch in the number of the channel she wants. Not so with Dish, I guess, but not something I ever noticed.

At 2:52 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

To end the "we respect your decision" line repeated over and over, just say that you sold your television. Bet they don't have a response for that.

At 4:54 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

How can they say 'we respect your decision" when they clearly did not respect your decision to pull the plug altogether by trying to talk you in to staying?

I feel your pain.

I went through the same crap too. I just told them flat out "CUT IT OFF. NO EXCEPTIONS. END OF DISCUSSION" and stuck to that statement through a couple additional sales people and they finally got the clue.

At 4:57 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

If there is a way to return your gear in person and get a receipt, do it. You don't want them billing you for gear they can say they never received.

At 1:25 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Because you haven't Fred... ;)


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