Thursday, April 09, 2015

That State Vaccine Exemption Bill

The Sacramento Bee reports a bill in the state legislature to limit allowance of exemptions to childhood vaccines has passed its first hurdle. It passed the Senate Health Committee on a 6-2 vote.  That, after a what seemed to be a loud and emotional hearing.

As I've wrote here before, I'm not an anti- vaxxer. I've had all my child immunizations with no ill effects and a number of additional ones as an adult. I'd be willing to get more. I'm still sympathetic to those who fear vaccines. I don't think they're right, but realize people will believe the "science" that fits their world view and that they feel comfortable with. 

I have to give the anti- vax folks at least one point in their favor: This measles outbreak that brought up all the controversy might have seemed scary (my wife doesn't have childhood immunity because of a bone marrow transplant), it turned out to not be that big of a deal in the end. I forget the exact number infected. Something like 150 or less, across numerous states. At least some of those infected had been vaccinated. And that's with the current exemptions. 

Once again I'm stuck in the middle, so to speak. I encourage vaccination by all, but realize forcing something someone on something that they're scared to death of is asking for trouble. How would you feel if someone tried to hold you down and inject you with something you were deathly afraid of?


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