Wednesday, August 19, 2015

More Deputies On The Way

The Humboldt Consequential takes a look at recent hires within the Sheriff's Office using Measure Z funds. The Sheriff's Office says over 100 applicants applied for only 8 positions. I'd say that means it's not too hard to find people that want a good paying job for the area.

A comment to the THC post reminds us hiring and retention are two different things. In other words, it's easy enough to find applicants, but harder to keep deputies once they're on the job. I suggest that's usually the case anywhere. 

I was reading something yesterday about the Los Angeles Police Dept. It seems some are getting hired and quitting right after they get out of the academy to go to other departments. LAPD pays fairly well, I believe, but for one reason or another some of those hired quit right away and move to what they feel are greener pastures. 

THC also asked a pertinent question in his post: "What P.R. stunt is the HDSO going to pull now, in order to convince us that they should get more money?"



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