Wednesday, September 09, 2015

The GOA, Ted Cruz, Bigotry, or Not?

I had to laugh yesterday when I received notice in my Inbox that the Gunowners Of America- a gun rights organization- had chosen who to endorse in the presidential race. I figured it was likely Ted Cruz. Either him or Marco Rubio. I was right. It was Ted Cruz

I'm sure Cruz is a pretty good supporter of gun rights as GOA mentioned in their announcement, but I couldn't help but wonder if there might be some other considerations. It may seem trivial, but I couldn't help but think they'd pick someone who wasn't sympathetic to LGBT issues. Cruz fits that bill, but I don't consider him or others that oppose same- sex marriage to be bigots, as some here accuse anyone who isn't sympathetic to their cause. People aren't necessarily bigots because they have different moral standards than others.

A recent incident with Ted Cruz makes my point. Some big wig dinner in New York, or wherever it was, not too long ago. Ted Cruz took time to chat with a couple well known gay guys. Cruz didn't mind and I don't believe caught any flak for it. The LGBT community was outraged their two guys would talk to someone like Cruz. I read the two had to make some large donations to LGBT groups to make amends.  Cruz wasn't the bigot there.
GOA and I go back a ways. I was a dues paying member for I'm not sure how long. I severed that connection many years ago after reading of an action by, I believe, Larry Pratt. He's the Executive Director, or whatever, of GOA and probably the best I've seen arguing for gun rights on television. He doesn't just play defense when he's on. He takes the offense, and does it well.

It would have had to have been after '96 as I believe I read the details online. GOA and other organizations had joined together to fight some gun control proposal in the Northeast. It might have been Washington DC. Of all the organizations to sign the petition in opposition to the gun control proposal was a local chapter of The Pink Pistols- a gay and lesbian self defense group.

Upon hearing of the Pink Pistols signing on with the effort, someone within GOA had their name removed from the petition. Either Pratt or one of his underlings. Apparently, whoever it was felt it wasn't right to be seen on a list that included an LGBT organization.

I was appalled. I don't care what your cause is. When you're working for something you reach out for alliances from whomever, even if that one cause is the only interest you have in common. One of the stupidest political mistakes I can recall and all because of an unreasonable fear of even having one's name on the same list with a queer group. 

At that point I withdrew my financial support. That was more than biting off one's nose to spite your face. That's what I'd call bigotry. Bigotry aside, it still showed very poor judgment on behalf of GOA. I don't know that Pink Pistols suffered from it. The rest of that pro- gun coalition might well have.


At 2:35 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said... this friend says he got a call and email asking him not to thump trump . and will be well compensated for not thumping him . he is big cruz supporter . he refused cause he hates trump more than likes others . im just saying
delete if you want cause i left another site but i sure hope true republicans and their constitution beliefs prevail in 2016


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