Thursday, April 24, 2008

Should Voters or Legislators Decide?

The Willits News takes a look at what seems to be a desperate attempt by anti- Measure B forces in Mendocino County to keep the measure off the ballot.

The main argument that seems to be being made is that guidelines can't be established by popular vote, assuming I'm reading it right, and such things should be determined either by the state legislature or the Board of Supervisors.

It is interesting, as the judge points out, that Measure G- the measure the counselor is trying to defend- also set guidelines.

I've mentioned here before I'm not a big fan of democracy. I also think politicians have way too much control over too many aspects of our personal lives.

But I don't know that it really matters so much who creates the ordinances and guidelines- whether it be by popular vote or legislative action- but whether the issue at hand is something that should be decided by anyone other than the individual in the first place.


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