Thursday, July 22, 2010

No On Prop 25

Prop 25 is the upcoming ballot initiative that would reduce the requirement to pass a state budget to a simple majority vote as opposed to the current two thirds. I naturally opposed it and thought it rather silly to lower the requirement to two thirds if you still needed the two third majority to raise taxes to pay for the bigger budget.

According to the Orange County Register, that's a moot point. This editorial claims Prop 25 allows them to raise taxes with a simple majority vote, as well.

Not only that, but they say it will also eliminate voter's current right to place referendum on the ballot opposing tax increases resulting from the budget increases.

Definitely a NO vote for me on this one. I might grudgingly agree that we need to increase some taxes as a way to balance the budget. But I won't support any tax increases until we can come up with some effective spending limits.

This whole broohaha over the budget not getting passed on time has always gotten my goat to begin with. As the Register's editorial points out, it doesn't matter so much that a budget passes on time. It matters that the budget that gets passed is a sound one.


At 11:45 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Hey all you CA voters...please be alert to what Prop 25 can do to endanger Prop 13.

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To one and all…rest assured if Prop. 25 passes in the upcoming Nov. 2nd election the subject headline above will follow just days later!

Prop. 25 will reduce the required Sacramento politician’s vote to make changes to California law from the two-thirds vote requirement currently to a simple-majority.

It is, and has been for years, a long standing fact that the
“liberal left-wing socialistic extremist Democrats” in Sacramento already have the simple-majority needed to overturn Prop. 13 should the voting requirement law change to passage by a simple-majority and it is absolutely certain they will do it.

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As we all know there are few things in life that are “guaranteed.”

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If the guaranteed protection against HUGE R.E. property tax increases$$$ assured by Prop. 13 is lost there will be such an exodus of homeowners who will not be able to pay the monumental increase$$$ in their property tax that will have to sell. The market will then be flooded with properties and the drop in property values seen the past few of years will look like chump change.

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God Bless America


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