Wednesday, July 13, 2011

No More Drug Czar?

Sounds like a fun idea to me. What does the Office of National Drug Control Policy do to earn its keep, anyway?

The Marijuana Policy Project reports that Congressmen Jared Polis and Ron Paul have introduced an amendment that will defund the ONDCP. They even provide a pre-written e-mail so you can add you personal info and send it to our very own Congressman Mike Thompson to urge him to get on board this effort.

I don't recommend e-mails but, if that's all you can do, it's better than nothing. I just typed up a fax and sent it to Thompson's Napa office. If you'd like to do the same, his fax number is 251-9800. Call or write Mike Thompson now and ask him to vote YES on the Polis- Paul amendment.

Addendum: That Napa fax number may not work. I just noticed my fax program said there was no answer. I'll figure that out later.

Update: I guess you leave off the area code for making that call as it's same as ours.


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