Sunday, July 07, 2013

Car Fire!

A car was fully destroyed by a fire across the street from our house this morning.

Was laying in bed around 5am when I heard a loud bang followed by some loud voices. It didn't sound like yelling, just people talking rather loud. The voices seemed to come from the direction of our local "druggie house". Heard two or three more bangs over a period of five minutes or so with the voices still being heard.

Finally I noticed a flickering on my living room wall from something outside. I get up, look out the living room window and there's a car- Jeep Cherokee?- fully involved on the Trinity Street side of the house caddy- corner from us. It was really burning. I called 911. 911 gal said they were already enroute.

I see the asian guy that lives on the corner backing his pick up truck away from the burning car. He was parked directly behind it.

Eureka Fire shows up a minute or two later. A loud bang comes from the car as they get out of their fire truck. There's a couple tenants from the druggie house standing out front of the corner house watching. Strange that they're fully dressed and standing there not seeming excited at all about what's going on. You'd think they'd have something to do with it but wouldn't someone run off if they were involved?

Eureka Fire puts out the fire and drives off by about 5:45am. I would have expected Eureka P.D. to show up as this sort of thing that early in the morning was probably arson, but I never saw them.


At 10:28 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Henchman Of Justice" says,

Cops did not show-up because it was not a "politically more motivational visit". Now Fred, if you run for some position in city politicsa, and say things that question the police departments conducts and actions, you could involve yourself more in any incident like the burning car and sure enough, the cops will come out, but not for the car, but to fuck with you.

HOJ speaks from experience on the matter because Humboldt County Sheriff's have been committing tyrannical racketeering against HOJ for the better part of the past 5+ years.

Anyhow, not surprised, but maybe if there is a rash of car fires, the cops may frop the doughnuts and coffee to drive over and investigate.

With a vehicle fire, apparantly the fire department did their hazmat clean-up and site investigation in a jiffy, leaving it to the insurance company to pay for the rest of the ordeal (if the vehicle is even insured).

So glad Eureka is in the rear view mirror as it is not a nice place to live. Thank past city leaders for the messed-up state in Eureka, they deserve the tar and feathers.


At 10:19 AM, Blogger julie.strub said...

I was wondering what happened out there!! Do you think they used firworks to light the car? Those were some pretty loud explosions, definitely looked intentional.

At 10:42 AM, Blogger Fred Mangels said...

I thought the first loud bang I heard sounded like a shotgun. Then I thought maybe an m80 or some other fireworks. I saw a faint reddish glow on the wall which also made me think it was fireworks, but that quickly disappeared.

That was just before 5am and I was considering calling the cops if only because I thought it really rude to be making such a ruckus so early in the morning. Had I heard actually yelling and screaming as if there were a fight going on, I would have definitely called the cops.

Then the other loud bangs, and just loud talking. When I saw the red glow on the wall again I figured I'd best look and see what was happening. Big fire, but no one seemed overly excited about it from what I could see.

Best I can figure is it was some sort of accident, maybe from working on the car? But that seems unlikely at 5 in the morning.

I'm guessing the druggies must have called it in and said they had some sort of accident. That's why no cops showed up.

That car has been sitting there for quite some time. I believe that's one of the ones that kept getting tagged for removal by EPD. A couple offhand possibilities:

Maybe some enemy of the druggies came by and lit the car up and the druggies didn't want to tell the police? Except if they were gonna do that, why not do it to a car of some value?

Then I thought maybe the asian folks that lived on the corner next to it torched it because they were sick of it sitting there. Except you'd think that guy would have moved his truck first, before setting the Jeep on fire.

More likely something the druggies did on purpose or by accident. They were actually doing something to the car yesterday afternoon, trying to take some parts of it or something. Wonder how long it will sit there now?


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