Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Another Win!!!

Three pretty decent wins in three months! Not bad.

First I won that L&G Electronics cell phone back in June. I gave that to some in- laws because you had to use it with Verizon and I didn't want to switch to Verizon. Still, not a bad win as the phone was valued at up to $300.

Then I won that Motorola cellphone valued at almost $300 . I'm using that one now, my old analog bag phone having been delegated to my electronic scrap pile.

And now, just got a call from Nebraska Steaks, the girl telling me I was their monthly winner of six 10oz. steaks. They let you chose from different kinds of steaks, including filet mignon. I gave the phone to the wifey and let her decide. She chose New York steaks.

Weird thing about Nebraska Steaks is I thought I stopped entering their drawing quite some time ago. I used to enter every day for years until something happened. Maybe their web site went down for an extended period of time. I don't remember, but I remember the name and web site.

Oh well. Cool win and, in keeping with tradition, once I win a drawing I don't enter it again so other people can win. So, head to their site and enter the drawing. If memory serves me correct you can enter every day and they give away a prize each month. Best of all, if you head to their site now, you can see me listed as their latest winner.


At 10:54 AM, Blogger samoasoftball said...

Fred! Go buy a lottery ticket now! Your hot!

At 11:02 AM, Blogger Stephen said...

Hang up on Motorola. See my blog for reasons why.

At 11:17 AM, Blogger Fred said...

Rich wrote, "Go buy a lottery ticket now".

Nope. I only enter the free ones. Funny thing is, I know people that buy lottery tickets on occasion. They won't have anything to do with the free sweeps I enter and win but they still buy lottery tickets.

Stephen writes, "See my blog for reasons why.".

I could have guessed, Stephen. They're part of a zionist conspiracy.

At 1:07 PM, Blogger Stephen said...

They support Israel that treats Palestinians as badly as white South Afrikaaners treated blacks in South Africa. The same fate that happened to South Africaaners awaits Israelis as U.S. citizens slowly wake up to the rogue state that is on record for violating more U.N. sanctions than any other nation on earth, the Jewish religious state whose establishment we have been supporting in direct violation with our Church and State separation Constitutional law since 1948.


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