Saturday, December 28, 2013

Free Weight Bench

Since I haven't found much news to whine about lately, I'll post my latest Craigslist ad here. Posted in the Free section of the Craigslist classifieds:
I'm giving this weight bench away. I actually prefer this bench over my "new" one, but since the new one is a bit "better", I'll just try to get used to it. 

I've already received two e-mails to my ad. I suspect one or both are spam. The one I already discarded pretty much just said, "Cell phone  text or call", but no phone number.

The second one seemed more real but said to e-mail or call him, giving a phone number with a 704 (North Carolina) area code. Could just mean he activated the phone in NC, though. He did point out it wasn't a 707 area code. I told the guy he could have it but I'll give it to someone else if he doesn't come get it within two days.

The picture below is my "new" bench that I picked up on the 24th from another guy on Craigslist giving away a free bench. Hard to tell what shape it was from the picture he provided, but I thought I might be able to use the leg attachment on my old bench if nothing else.
I e-mailed the guy Monday in the late afternoon telling him I might be interested and wanted to come take a look at it. After I hadn't received a reply by early Tuesday morning, I figured someone else beat me to it.

Lo and behold the guy e-mailed me around 10am Tuesday asking if I could come pick it up. That kinda put me on the spot as I wanted to make sure I really wanted it first. But, I went ahead and said I'd take it figuring I could always take it apart and dump it in the scrap metal bin at City Garbage if it was real junk. 

Went out to Cutten real quick to pick it up and it was actually a pretty good bench in good shape. I'm just not comfortable with some of its dimensions yet- uprights a bit higher and much wider than my old one. That will take getting used to. That's it below in the clutter of my garage. If the guy doesn't pick up my old one in a day or so, it's up for grabs.


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