Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Free Xmas Tree Disposal

The Times- Standard has a list of all the places and ways to dispose of those God awful Christmas trees. Here in Eureka City Garbage takes them for free until January 12, or you can call the Boy Scouts and they'll haul them off ($5.00 donation recommended).

Clean them up before you take them in. If your tree has been frocked- that white spray stuff- it isn't recyclable. You'll have to pay to dump that one. Also take off all the tinsel and such. I took one in a year or two ago and they wouldn't let me dump it because of too much tinsel (that was the one from your house, J.T.). I didn't think there was really that much on it but it was sunny out and that really made the tinsel reflect and stand out.

I'm reminded of hauling off a tree once and screwing up. I haul them from customers for free. Not out of any sense of niceness but because I want all reminders of xmas gone as soon as possible. Picked one up from a gal once and took it down to City Garbage only to find they stopped accepting them free the day before. I had to pay to dump that one. Pissed me off.

Then there was a customer just a block from my house. I offered to take their tree in just to get rid of it. She says she wants to keep it up "just a bit longer". Grrrrr. Ok, so I don't take it. Then a few days after the free disposal was over the guy comes out and asks me if I'll haul the tree off. I told him sorry, but no.

Funny how people seem to have no problem getting a tree to their house but getting rid of it is so difficult. Let's get 'er done, folks.


At 10:55 AM, Blogger Ernie Branscomb said...

Well Fred we all know that you hate Christmas, we hear a yearly rant about it. Why don't you chose something really bad to hate? For instance I hate Ground Hog Day.

Every year on February 2nd that furry little lying creep promises that it is about spring, then he crawls back in his warm den and goes back to sleep, while we scurry about trying to do spring cleaning and get ready for summer. Usually in frost snow or rain. The lying little creep!

Nobody gets any presents, there are no great meals or celebrations. It's about as boring as a holiday can get. There is no eggnog or an other special drink. I think that the whole ground hog thing was probably made up on a Hollywood sound stage to fool us into thinking spring is about to happen. It's all just a big trick to get us back to work. Just wait until February and keep your eyes open, because he will be out there lying to us again!

Bah! No rum. No fun! Ban Ground Hog day!

At 12:55 PM, Blogger Fred Mangels said...

"It's about as boring as a holiday can get."

That's why I have no problem with Groundhog Day. Very easy to ignore. Besides, groundhogs are cute.


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