Wednesday, April 22, 2015

County CalPers Liability 101

The Mad River Union does a good job of explaining the county's unfunded pension liabilities. It doesn't include cities within the county that have their own unfunded pension and healthcare problems.


At 8:53 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the summary of the article: " the Board instructed the CAO to review the $250 Million debt and come back with suggestions" Uh, well how about making payments from like 2007 on...CAO, Haynes-Smith was aware of this tidal wave of debt for years and did zip. He applied for $1M in Measure Z funds, meant for public safety, to make this years payment. I recommend the Board fire him for incompetence and fiscal mismanagement. No way the Board can pay off that massive indebtedness without coming to locals for tax assessment surcharge. This will be a major issue henceforth. Quarter of a billion indebtedness!!


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