Monday, October 31, 2016

Libertarian Presidential Thoughts

This fellow, over at Liberty Unbound, does a good job of describing many of the players involved in this election only to end by pretty much endorsing Donald Trump using the wasted vote argument. He's spot on for most of his tirade, It's still strange to see that over at Liberty:

 "A vote for the Libertarian Party is not a vote. It is an expression of opinion, and as such, honorable. But a voteis a political, not an expressive, device. A vote is supposed to do something, or keep something from being done. The Clinton regime laughs at expressive votes. It hopes you will go ahead and express yourself by voting for anyone except a person who would check the Clintons’ power.
That person is Donald Trump."

And Lori Heine equates Gary Johnson to Gary Cooper.

Steve Murphy makes the case that the fights breaking out at Trump rallies are started by Democrat operatives. Reads as believable to me, which isn't intended to take away from Trump's skill at making things happen:

 "The provokers are members of labor unions and homeless communities, including mentally ill individuals, whom Foval has recruited, trained, and paid to make trouble at Donald Trump campaign rallies — every instance of which has been incessantly covered and condemned by the mainstream media as trouble made by Trump himself."


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