Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Bigfoot Valley News Back?

I found an interesting newspaper while I was at St. Joseph's Hospital earlier this morning. A big stack of Bigfoot Valley News was sitting on a table in the lobby. I thought I might have heard the name somewhere earlier on. When I checked their web site, I realized this might be the paper that used to circulate in the Willow Creek area and recently closed its doors. I think it might have been mentioned on one of the other blogs (299Opine?).

The web site's a bit strange as the last update seems to have been around September 2007. The issue I found at St. Joes says March 2008. Perhaps the paper's been reincarnated in a slightly different form than its former self?

The paper lists its publishing address as a P.O. Box out in Cutten. A couple of the stories hit close to home, too. There was a short article on the Amigas Burritos out on Walnut Drive in Cutten and another one about the business next door to Amigas, Janet Holmes' State Farm Insurance. I go to Amigas quite often and I've carried all our insurance with Janet Holmes for years.

Seemed like the stories were more like advertisements and I couldn't help but think they were paid by those businesses to write them. Nothing wrong with that, though, in my mind. I found the writing entertaining enough.

I'll have to keep my eye out for more of the hard copies as it doesn't appear they're updating the web page very often.


At 6:09 AM, Blogger Fred said...

I went to Amigas Burritos, in Cutten, yesterday. I asked the guy who works there if they paid to have BVN write that story about them.

No they didn't. Seems the writer was in there and had a deadline looming so she did a story on the place she was eating at. Probably the same thing with Janet Holmes Insurance.

That's one way to meet a deadline.


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