Friday, July 29, 2016

Party Loyalty

I like the way this writer points out the silliness of party loyalty in regards candidate support. It's an observation I've made myself but could never quite put to words:

"When people get cornered into supporting candidates they mistrust, disagree with, or despise, I blame the victims. For example, watch as Paul Ryan registers that Donald Trump is a racist and then supports him anyway, his face a mask of confusion and pain, on the grounds that he's not Hillary Clinton. Then watch the DNC deep-six Bernie Sanders and mobilize all its resources—including Sanders himself—to elect the oligarchy, arguing only that it's better than Trump the bogeyman.
These people are trapped, by "party loyalty" or some raw calculation of self-interest. But you needn’t be;"

I suppose I should plead guilty to doing the same, except I'm not sure I'm as die hard a defender of Libertarian Party candidates as some are of Republican and Democrats. I'm more than willing to admit my candidate's shortfalls, whereas I know of a self- described Hillary supporter that won't even read anything critical of her.


At 10:32 AM, Blogger Henchman Of Justice said...

Fred, just as in war with face pulling non-aggression pacts, the two party system shakes hands.

Read the 8 original articles/tenets of the Molotov - Ribbentrop Pact. Look at Wikpedia picture of handshaking.

Now, envision the "powers" in an american tiered (local and states too) political official context, replace a few words and viola, similarities with hypocrisy, corruption and collusion within the reviled present day American gubbamint/politics.

Bernie could run as an independent third party to create a four way race, but Bernie is a hypocritical piece of shit too who caves in to a corrupted candidate after bamboozling his $27 dollar college uneducated younger fucks who have NEAR ZERO CLUE!, Yippee Kai Yay.

Few oldtimers are pissed at Bernie because they left long ago for Hillary's and Obama's party of oligarchs and fascists.

At 10:44 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am convinced that most of it is household name recognition campaigning. No news is bad news. When the liberal main stream media pays attention to only liberal candidates while ignoring the only conservative, constitutionist in the race, you know you're being played.
Trump's stances are liberal, but his fans are clinging to his slogan. Rah rah.
Johnson & Weld are liberals, but his fans are clinging to the LP slogan. Rah Rah.
Stein is globalist NWO, but her fans are clinging to her slogan. Rah Rah.
Hillary is grabbing the leftovers who don't research, they just want a woman president. Rah Rah.
The Veterans of America, seem okay, but they seem fishy on global environmental issues. Rah Rah

The Constitution Party is making headway, but are constantly left out of polls & headlines. No coverage for them. The candidate, Darrell Castle, has been steadily battling federal overreach since 911. He & Ron Paul fought simutaneously to end the Federal Reserves, no fly list, surveilance, airport rapes aka pat downs, and fought for ballot access. They were both put on the terrorist list for trying to save what's left of our Constitution.
Castle trained under Oliver North, fought in Vietnam, was a good 1st Lt. Marine. Castle hates perpetual war & wants congress to grow some balls & stop the insanity, by bringing our troops home. He wants to secure our own borders & concentrate on developing decent screening processes so we can end the chaos for all concerned. He wants to defund all unconstitutional agencies, end income tax, create genuine fair trade with low tariffs as outlined by the constitution, trade free trade for free trade wherever necessary. The state's will once again return to voluntary tax for the necessary defense & veteran programs, which means the states will be duty bound to pay a percentage based off the population count of their state. The state decides how to collect the funds, whether by fundraisings, interst collected from their own savings, taxes, whatever works for each individual state.
He wants government completely out of citizens lives. No government in marriage, decriminalize drugs, no department of education, no subsidaries, no UN, no strings at all. The state's will be sovereign again, to take back their state's without fear of federal prosecutions for building a pond without the army corp of engineers permits and inspections. Your county permits is once again the only say.
Castle is pro-life. The only candidate who is.
Castle is against the TPP, the monopoly treaty.
But you'll never see this in the headlines. He didnt ride a bicycle in a race, he fought for your right to be able to do so yourself.

At 1:23 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Young people are learning about party loyalty. The DNC is pushing young people out of the Democratic party in droves. It's called #DemExit

In the coming years, you'll see an increasingly gentrified Democratic party as young people become independents (undeclared) or join the Green party. The complete disdain shown Bernie supporters by the DNC at the convention was more than a few slaps in the face. You didn't hear about it on CNN or Fox, but young people don't need mainstream media to communicate what's happening. CNN and Fox are largely irrelevant when there are hundreds of first-hand accounts flooding the Internet with photos and video from the convention floor.


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