Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Matt Owen's Ward Voting System Rant

Matt Owen's latest commentary in the Lost Coast Outpost deals with proposals to change Eureka's local elections to the ward system. He even mentions me in it. Awww....shucks. He even goes on to explain why he dropped out of the Eureka City Council race. Good stuff.

In regards the Eureka City Council race, the Times- Standard looks at two current candidates, John Fullerton and Auston Allison. Allison is quoted as saying he wants to "...create more family wage jobs in the area". I have to wonder if that means he wants to try to create a higher minimum wage for Eureka? In which case he won't be on my list of those to vote for.

Bringing jobs with good wages to the city is one thing. Trying to force businesses to pay more in wages is another thing entirely. 


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