Thursday, September 08, 2016

A Hint for Rite Aid Pharmacy

Just some advice for those that haven't used the Henderson Center Rite Aid pharmacy much: Don't use the chairs.

I went in there yesterday to pick up a prescription. My legs were really tired and there was only one guy at the counter picking up something so I took advantage of the chairs they had nearby. As soon as I took a seat some lady came up and stood in what was supposed to be the line. She had a couple of boxes of benadryl in hand. Within a minute another girl had arrived and gotten in line. 

The first one turned, looked at me and asked "Are you in this line". I replied "kinda, but I see you're a fellow benadryl user so go ahead and I'll just sit here.". She explained the benadryl she had was for mosquito bites. She abrubtly turned and left the line after that. I got up and took care of my business, telling myself not to use those chairs again. Maybe that pharmacy should have numbers where you pick one and they serve you based on their number?

That's not so bad, though. I've seen people jump to the front of the line at the regular checkouts there a number of times. The checkout lines are usually a ways back from the actual checkout counter. Then some airhead comes in, sees a momentarily empty checkout and walks straight up to it, not realizing there's a line of people waiting. I write that off as just more stupid people unaware of their surroundings. There's  a lot like that up here  and Rite Aid gets more than its fair share.


At 10:59 AM, Blogger Rick Wentworth said...

rite-aid got bought out by walgreens
they say all will be walgreens or if another walgreens close they will close

At 10:39 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

A prescription dept is not a great place to have to stand in line. It's good they thoughtfully placed chairs, but why did they stop their thoughtfullness there? I hope the managers receive many calls requesting a number system.


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