Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Off They Go

Looks like there's finally a government program that everyone can agree on: This new transportation program to ship the poorer folks out of the county to other places, providing they have a place to stay.

You'll remember not long ago we were complaining about a similar program in San Francisco where they were sending all their riff- raff up here. Our plan supposedly has safeguards that prevent the problems inherent in the San Francisco program.

This could get ugly if a bunch of other counties (or states) follow suit and everyone ends up shipping all their riff- raff to each other. Of course, some of that may already be happening.


At 3:28 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

No understanding this has been on your blog all day without a comment so I will jump in with both feet!

What would be wrong with trying to find the relatives of some homeless people with the purpose reuniting them with family? I can certainly understand that some might not want to be reunited so we can leave them be for a minute and concentrate on the others.

San Francisco calling up someone in Eureka and who was that anyway-Peter LaVallee? asking if 'someone' would take responsibility for the folks wandering SF streets was ludicrous. There should be a family tie, work, something, before shipping people any old place just to get rid of them.

But its a neat idea when it works.


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