Saturday, March 11, 2006

Eureka Reporter Tries Crossfire

No reference made to it yet on their web page, but the Eureka Reporter is looking for opinionated writers for a point- counterpoint column they're planning. You know; where one person takes one side of the issue and someone else takes the opposite side.

That should be interesting. I'm almost tempted to throw my hat in the ring for that one. One thing that holds me back is I prefer to pick and choose the subject I write or argue about. It's hard to come up with a good argument if you're given an issue that you don't have a strong opinion on.

I wonder how they'll do that? Will they just send you an issue out of the blue and request an argument for or against it? Maybe a better way would be to just post the question in the paper and see who responds with the best arguments for and against. Then again, isn't that kinda what letters to the editor already are (in a way)?

But this column would likely have pro and con arguments side by side and, if they did select writers randomly, some people's arguments would be used and some wouldn't be. Feelings might get hurt and we'd end up with the same accusations of bias in the media we see already.

Still, however they end up doing it, any volunteers? One caveat, though: You won't be able to opine anonymously.


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