Friday, June 24, 2016

Hummingbird Healing Center

Not sure if that's the right name, alhtough I should be sure since I Just got back from there.

It's the Medical Marijuana place at the back of the Myrtletown Shopping Center.

I'd never been there before but had a yankering for some pot with  trip to UCSF coming up. I figured it might make me feel more at ease during my imprisonment in the hospital. I fiinally decided to head down to the cannabis center this morning. I don't yet have doctor's recommendation in the form of a '215 card' but hoped that my last discharge paper fromUCSF might suffice to convince them I wasn't faking it.

That didn't work, aalthough the gal in charge seemed sympathetic . She did reconmmend a place I might quickly go in town to get a card. I stood there for a while watching the goings on-some of the customers coming in looking older than me, or so I thought.

iIfinally broke down and tried o buy one of heir cannabis based drinks. In what looked like 12 oz bottles were colored drinks  called Cannabis Quench, or something along that line. I think they were areund $20.00 each. I tried to buy one only to be toldthey were so potent they couldn't sell them to me without a real 215 card.

Oh well... I tried buyingsome of their other stuff only to be told the same thing. After a bit I gave up and left,although I intend to go back

I kinda had my heart set on having some stuff to take with me to UCSF. Too late now , but maybe next time? Maybe I'll go down now and look for that 215 clinic?


At 12:55 PM, Anonymous Luke Bruner said...

Fred,use the link included in my URL for a 215. Meadow MD is great. You'll have one lickity split, and if you can't make it work in time for the local dispensary, you'll be able to catch one of the many on the way down to UCSF.

At 7:16 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm puzzled as to why you seem surprised that you couldn't go into a medical cannabis dispensary and walk away with some cannabis without having a 215 recommendation from a doctor. That's clearly, unambiguously what the law requires -- a Dr's recommendation. Unless your UCSF discharge papers stated that your Dr there had recommended cannabis, there is no way the dispensary could legally accept that as a basis for selling you cannabis. (And I'm not sure why you thought it might be different for the cannabis drink.)

Basically, you were asking them to break the law and illegally sell you a controlled substance, risking prosecution and the loss of their business. Why on earth would they do that?

Meanwhile, it's SO easy to get a 215 recommendation in California. Just make an appointment from one of the numerous "pot docs" in the area, fill out a couple forms, hand over some documentation that you have the medical condition(s) you're seeking to use cannabis to address (and, yes, the UCSF discharge papers will probably do the trick), talk to the "pot doc" (or one of their assistants), and you will walk away a few minutes later with a paper recommendation.

[Many places also provide a laminated "card" you can carry in your wallet, which may be be mailed to you later, but the paper the Dr's office hands you on your way out the door is the original, and is all you really need.]

Less than an hour of effort on your part, and you will be ready to walk into a dispensary and pick out whatever you want, and/or start growing a few plants of your own, all legal under California law.

So, just do it.

At 7:33 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Addendum: There is a final step, which is optional, but if you want to you can also register with the Humboldt County Health Department and get an official Humboldt County 215 card, which just makes it easier for a cop anywhere in the state to recognize that you have a legit 215 recommendation (since it tells them that the county health department has already confirmed it, and issued you this photo I.D. attesting to that. To a judge, it makes no difference, the original Dr.'s recommendation, and if necessary the testimony of the doctor, is what would matter.

So, again, this "county I.D." step is just an optional add-on (from SB 420, not part of the original Prop 215) that you can do if you want to. The reasons not to, aside from the time of making the appointment and going there, are that it costs something (I think in the range of $125, with discount for lower-income folks), and, of course, by registering with the county you'd be voluntarily putting yourself on an an official county government list of cannabis users, which I'm going to guess you'd probably feel funny doing as a Libertarian. (Though I guess you could look at it as poking an finger in the eye of the impotent Federal government, which is in the increasingly embarrassing situation of cannabis still being illegal federally, but a growing number of states, and many millions of people, flaunting Federal law every day, openly and in the vast majority of cases, with no consequences.)


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